Disaster Relief



Divine Shakti Foundation works to help families and villages rebuild after natural disaster. From the Orissa Cyclone in 1999 to the Gujarat Earthquake of 2001 to the South Indian tsunami of 2004 and the Uttarakhand Floods of 2013, Divine Shakti Foundation has come forward to rebuild damaged and destroyed schools as well as to build vocational training centers and other programs for affected and impoverished villagers.

phthumbnepal2015 Nepal Earthquake Relief

After hearing about the tragic earthquakes that have devastated Nepal, Global Interfaith WASH Alliance, Divine Shakti Foundation and Ganga Action Parivar – along with many other dedicated partners – are serving in Nepal during this tragic time, dispatching much needed emergency supplies to Nepal, providing medical care to survivors, and planning for long-term rehabilitation.

Uttarakhand Flood Relief2013 Uttarkhand Floods in Kedarnath Valley

In the tragic flooding in the sacred Himalayan Kedarnath Valley in June 2013, tens of thousands of people lost their lives.  Many who survived lost their homes and livelihoods.  Divine Shakti Foundation is working to provide not only emergency relief, but also permanent eco-friendly rehabilitation and reconstruction for surviving villagers.


South India Tsunami Relief2004 South India Tsunami

Immediately following the tragic tsunami of December 26, 2004, Pujya Swamiji, Vivek Oberoi, Sadhvi Bhagawati, Rishikumars from the Parmarth Gurukul and Vivek Oberoi’s family traveled down to South India.  Upon seeing the devastation wrought upon the land and the people, Pujya Swamiji knew they needed to stay and offer not only short-term assistance, but also permanent relief.

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